Khadijah Adams

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

C E Hutton, LLC

Denver, CO

Cannabis Consultant, Entrepreneur, Investor and Public Speaker

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Cassondra R. Parker-Adams also known as "Khadijah" in the cannabis industry is originally from Sugar Land, Texas and has been a full-time entrepreneur since December 12, 1997.  Khadijah began investing in cannabis related companies both privately and publicly held and by late November 2014, she and a business partner formed MIPR, LLC (MIPR Holdings, LLC), a cannabis consulting and investor relations company located in Aurora, Colorado. 

Ms. Adams served as the founder and senior managing partner for 3-1/2 years and was responsible for consulting and connecting accredited investors to viable investment opportunities within the industry.  mIPR, LLC and MIPR Holdings, LLC were acquired in June 2017 by C. E. Hutton, LLC (Denver, Colorado) where Ms. Adams now serves as the vice president and chief operating officer.  Together, C. E. Hutton and Ms. Adams founded The GreenStreet Academy, an online educational platform that teaches the basics of investing in the marijuana industry. 

Ms. Adams is the co-author of The Minority Report an annual marketing analysis of Minority-owned companies in the cannabis and hemp industries.  She is also a public speaker who speaks passionately about investing in diversity; and the lack thereof in the cannabis industry.  Ms. Adams is also very passionate about re-educating the communities most affected by the “War on Drugs” with the truth about cannabis, how and why it became illegal and the economic benefits of positioning as business owners, employees, or investors early-on. 

Ms. Adams sits on the board of the National Cannabis Chamber of Commerce (Denver Chapter); C. E. Hutton, LLC and The GreenStreet Academy and sits on the Advisory Board of ezGreen.  Business Member of the NCIA.


Senior Managing Partner

MIPR Holdings, LLC
November 2014 - June 2017

Founder and Senior Managing Partner of Marijuana Investment & Private Retreat™ (MIPR), a professional consulting and investor relations company located in Aurora, Colorado.

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

C. E. Hutton, LLC
June 2017 - present

C. E. Hutton is an asset management company based in Denver, Colorado. 

The Company was founded by C. E. Hutton on June 7, 2017, and plans to launch in January 2018.


The GreenStreet Academy
October 2017 - present

The GreenStreet Academy is an online learning experience is for the novice investor seeking to gain and enhance their investing skills, knowledge, and market experience in the over the counter market.


Barry University

2004 - 2006

Legal Studies

Colorado Christian University

Bachelor's Degree

Project Management




How do investors go about finding opportunities to invest in cannabis dispensaries?

How do investors go about finding opportunities to invest in cannabis dispensaries? Is anyone developing a secondary market for ownership shares in MMJ dispensaries or is it too early? 

11/3/2017 12:12:23 PM,
Khadijah Adams replied:

Hi Tom,

Wow! I completely dropped the ball here responding after over a year, good grief; 2016 was a weird year for me and I'm just getting back in gear and on my feet.

I am happy to help you connect to viable investment opportunities, if you have not found someone else to assist you; or if you haven't been connected as yet.

However, for a faster response please contact me via email or call me on my cell 720-327-9522

Hope you found what you're looking for, but if not please reach out via email or cell.  Also visit my newest investment educational platform The GreenStreet Academy at

Take care and good luck!


Do you invest/need solar energy and other patent Nano energy clean-tech products for your grow-op facilities customers.

Hi Ms Khadijah Adams - Senior Managing Partner, -- I represent a company called GREenergyTEC we have some clean-tech products that can be used in your grow op facilites customers.  They include a varity of solar products configurations, and patent Nano devices and sensors to completely take you off the utility grid saving your operaions more money to reinvest.  


Bernard Marrast

11/3/2017 12:07:45 PM,
Khadijah Adams replied:

Hello Bernard,

Thanks for reaching out.  My apologies for the delay. My company has recently been acquired and dissolved by C. E. Hutton, LLC (Denver, Colorado). 

I personally won't be looking at any new investments until after January 2018.  Please feel free to check back with me after this time. In the meantime, reach out to a few of the larger companies like MJIC, the ArcView Group or The Green Investments.

Thanks again, and good luck with your raise!

Kind regards, Khadijah

11/3/2017 12:01:10 PM,
Khadijah Adams replied:

Hello Anonymous,

My apologies for my delayed response.  So sorry for your pain.  I too suffer with cronic pain and I consume cannabis as medicine. However, I am neither a medical doctor nor a natural pathologist.

My advice to you would be to check with a medical doctor that specializes in medical marijuana and who is also familiar with your condition for advice. 

Hope this helps.

Take care. Khadijah