• The Color of Cannabis answered April 7

    What is the mission of the Color of Cannabis?


    The Color of Cannabis was founded out of the urgent need to have more representation of minorities in the industry. Advocating openly, unapologetically, and responsibly for people of color to participate in the regulated market is work that cannot be neglected. The regulated cannabis industry... more

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  • Chris Abrams
    Chris Abrams answered 10/26/2021

    Is it hard for a marijuana user to pass a life insurance medical exam?

    No, as long as you are applying with a marijuana-friendly company. Some companies don't require an exam at all. Other companies don't test for THC. Make sure the agent you work with knows which companies are best for your particular situation. If you don't have an agent, I work with the leading mari... more

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  • Nancy Warner
    Nancy Warner answered 3/1/2021

    Is the CPSC standard for child resistant packaging related specifically to marijuana or is it a generic standard for pharma products?

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission is responsible for the requirements for child safety in packaging in the US.  This relates to all products from household chemicals to pharmaceuticals and is specifically defined in the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) of 1970.  The EPA regulate... more

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  • Mark Slaugh
    Mark Slaugh answered 1/27/2021

    How has compliance in the cannabis industry evolved in the past 5 years?

    Compliance in the beginning was just a "four letter word" and still is in new markets. Early on, we saw the word "compliance" become a buzzword as enforcement took down major players in older markets like Colorado. Everyone, all of a sudden - overnight - became "compliant" or claimed to be. Operator... more

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  • David Feldman
    David Feldman answered 12/28/2020

    Do you think big pharma is trying to slow the progress of medicinal marijuana?

    Greetings anonymous. We hear that the likely impact of medical cannabis on big pharma amounts to roughly 1% of their industry sales (e.g. pretty insignificant), but we also hear that they are spending heavily on lobbying efforts against legalizing medical cannabis. I often liken the issue to recharg... more

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  • Mario Ceretto
    Mario Ceretto answered 7/1/2020

    Anyone know if we can claim growing supplies as medical expenses on income tax?



    Cultivation supplies are attributable to inventory and thereby deductible through Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).   Cogs is the allowable deduction under IRC 280E.  

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  • High Performance answered 6/4/2020

    What are the core capabilities and services offered by High Performance? (read more)

    I would suggest a quick look at our web site and watch a brief animated short that will provide you information on our company and solution. 

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  • Are blockchain technologies suitable for the cannabis industry?

    Absolutely.  I believe that blockchain technology can encourage better management in supply chains by identifying inefficiencies, creating a real-time non-paper record, allowing cannabis companies to reduce costs and thereby improve their operations. 

    Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companie... more

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