• David Feldman
    David Feldman answered November 17

    Do you think big pharma is trying to slow the progress of medicinal marijuana?

    Greetings anonymous. We hear that the likely impact of medical cannabis on big pharma amounts to roughly 1% of their industry sales (e.g. pretty insignificant), but we also hear that they are spending heavily on lobbying efforts against legalizing medical cannabis. I often liken the issue to recharg... more

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  • Mario Ceretto
    Mario Ceretto answered July 1

    Anyone know if we can claim growing supplies as medical expenses on income tax?



    Cultivation supplies are attributable to inventory and thereby deductible through Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).   Cogs is the allowable deduction under IRC 280E.  

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  • High Performance answered June 4

    What are the core capabilities and services offered by High Performance? (read more)

    I would suggest a quick look at our web site and watch a brief animated short that will provide you information on our company and solution. 

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  • Are blockchain technologies suitable for the cannabis industry?

    Absolutely.  I believe that blockchain technology can encourage better management in supply chains by identifying inefficiencies, creating a real-time non-paper record, allowing cannabis companies to reduce costs and thereby improve their operations. 

    Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companie... more

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  • Eden Labs answered 11/22/2019

    What kind of routine maintenance do supercritical extraction systems require?

    Hello, If the system is made to a minimum of food grade specifications, you would only need to run the system with no material only co2 and ethanol for 90 minutes to 2 hours.... more
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  • Kyle Sherman
    Kyle Sherman answered 10/28/2019

    What are the challenges of building a POS software compliance platform for the cannabis industry when regulations vary so much from state to state?

    What are the challenges of building a POS software compliance platform for the cannabis industry when regulations vary so much from state to state? For example, will you have to build a completely different system to serve the state of Ohio once cannabis operations begin there? &nbs... more

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  • N2 Packaging Systems LLC answered 10/18/2019

    How much dried cannabis does your equipment package an hour?

    Thank you for the question. 

      We have actually 2 different levels of automation for the preservation and packaging of dried Cannabis.  We have done this due to the wide range of production values we see.  We have a semi automated system the requires an operator.  This syste... more

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  • Khadijah Adams
    Khadijah Adams answered 9/27/2019

    Hi. I am interested in cannabis dispensary. How can I secure funding for a start up dispensary? Thanks

    Hello Tony, I make no excuses for not responding. I apologize. If you have not already obtained this information. 

    There are several things that must happen before seeking or even securing capital for a dispensary; especially a startup.  Things to consider:

    (1) Do you own land in an opport... more

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  • N2 Packaging Systems LLC answered 8/30/2019

    Have well does N2 packaging work for terpene stability of stored cannabis?

    That is a great question.  

    We are currently engaged in a 5 year test exclusively to determine how well our packaging stabilizes Terpene profiles in Cannabis Flower.  We commissioned an independent lab to conduct this study.  They took our packaging along with Glass Jars, Plastic... more

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