ISO - Is it worth it?

Tracy Hawkey
Posted at 3/6/2018 11:32:32 AM

ISO-certified companies all say the cost and effort to become certified is well worth it! 

As the cannabis industry becomes more competitive, a growing number of cannabis companies are looking for ways to differentiate their operations, whether that means offering value-added services or implementing the latest lean techniques. 

One best practice that many of today's leading shop's tout is ISO 9001 certification. The ISO standard is based on implementing seven quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, Evidence-based decision making, and continuous impr...more

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Press Release: L’Eagle Presented with NCIA’s Excellence in Innovation Award for Cultivation

JB Woods
Posted at 3/1/2018 5:18:21 PM

L’Eagle Services Presented with NCIA’s Excellence in Innovation Award for Cultivation

In an industry where the standard is often quantity over quality,

L’Eagle Services sets itself apart with sustainable cultivation practices

DENVER (Feb. 8, 2018) – The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) has recognized, L’Eagle Services — a Denver based cannabis cultivator and retail dispensary specializing in clean cannabis — with the NCIA Excellence in Innovation Award for their leading edge in sustainable cultivation practices.

The NCIA Industry Awards recognize the best and brightest in th...more

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New Coinsurance Calculator Availble to the Cannabis Industry

JB Woods
Posted at 3/1/2018 2:42:36 PM

Impact of Coinsurance on your Business Property and Cannabis Coverage

Every cannabis business goes through the process of trying to determine the proper amount of property insurance and understanding key policy terms.  One of those terms is named coinsurance.  Basically, it's a calculation used by insurance carriers to determine the amount of a loss paid after a claim for business personal property coverages.  Property means building, cannabis,  grow equipment, computers, display cases, tenant improvements, or other property owned by the cannabis company.  Commerc...more

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First surety bond program for cannabis industry approved by insurance commissioner

Greenpoint Insurance Advisors, LLC
Posted at 2/21/2018 5:25:54 PM

  February 21, 2018 (#021)


Media Relations: 916-492-3566

After Hours media only: 916-599-1320

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Cannasure and Next Wave Insurance Collaborate on Cannabis Insurance White Papers

Greenpoint Insurance Advisors, LLC
Posted at 2/17/2018 8:15:04 AM

National Cannabis Industry Association Forms Insurance Sector Committee

Two cannabis Surplus Lines Brokers Cannasure and Next Wave Insurance have formed a committee to change the cannabis insurance industry courtesy of the National Cannabis Industry Association ("NCIA").  For NCIA members and non-members, the NCIA offers several committees involving industry experts on a variety of topics.  As such, a committee to tackle and parse through the myriad of issues associated with insuring cannabis made up of lawyers and insurance professionals. 

The chairperson is Can...more

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James Thorburn
Posted at 1/4/2018 5:26:51 PM

Dear NCIA friends:

As we embark upon 2018, Thorburn Walker continues to be at the forefront of cannabis tax defense.  It was disappointing, but not unexpected, that Jeff Sessions would rescind the Cole and Ogden Memos.  However, it was this possibility that kept us moving in aggressively defending IRS audits of cannabis clients. 

Jeff Sessions is giving the green light to cannabis prosecution. Whether or not they will occur remains uncertain.  Regardless, given the dual nature of IRS 280E audits, it is important to protect your rights.  The cold, hard, truth of Sec...more

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Application to Open a California Cannabis Company Includes the Purchase of a Licensing Bond

JB Woods
Posted at 12/4/2017 3:12:49 PM

California Requirements:  Licensing Bonds for Cannabis Businesses

The Bureau of Cannabis Control has indicated through the California Code of Regulations a bond will be needed as part of the annual license application requirements under Section 5002.   This means retailers, cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, laboratory testing, and microbusinesses will need to buy a bond. 

Section 5008 (Bond) of the code states:

A bond is a type of insurance product with features of a loan.  The face amount of the bond is paid to the party requesting their interests be pr...more

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Reducing your Workers Compensation Insurance in Colorado for Cannabis Companies

JB Woods
Posted at 11/15/2017 4:59:56 AM

Correct Job Classification and Cost Containment are Two Areas to Reduce Premium

Workers compensation insurance is a necessary product when you have employees with each state mandating this type of coverage.  In Colorado, there are several key areas to consider to potentially reducing your premium if you're a cannabis operation. 

The correct job classifications of your employees is critical.  There is a significant difference in premium for employees working at a store versus a cultivation facility, bakery, or extraction company.  In fact, Greenpoint Insurance Advisors...more

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