Essential Cannabis Ad Networks Marketers Need to Know

Oren Todoros
Posted at 7/12/2019

Despite the fact that regulations surrounding the cannabis industry are starting to loosen up, conventional marketing channels continue to be very strict when it comes to anything related to cannabis.

Regardless of how clean your ads are, if you’re involved in the cannabis industry, be prepared to face numerous advertising obstacles.

That being said, stringent ad regulations have opened the doors to new ad networks who specifically target potential cannabis users.D

Discover the best cannabis ad networks right now, and which ones make the most sense for your business - Grab The Guide.


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Cannabis dispensary rolls out its own credit card as weed industry works to go beyond cash-only sales

Avantpay LLC
Posted at 6/16/2019

To combat the banking/payments issue in the cannabis industry, cannabis company Columbia Care has developed it's own hashtag#creditcard that will be used in Illinois. The company has been testing the card in New York. The company is working with, "financial institutions and other intermediaries in each of the 12 states it operates in, plus Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., on the credit cards," but we don't know exactly which institutions those are yet. Check out this Chicago Tribune Media Group article by Ally Marotti discussing the issue. Early Bird tickets now on sale for $275. Avantpay|19 brings together public & private sector experts in payments, cannabis, and cryptocurrency - with a strong emphasis on compliance and regulations. • • •

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Crop Insurance for Cannabis Grown Outdoors Now Available

JB Woods
Posted at 5/31/2019

In the history of cannabis insurance there has never been a insurance company willing to offer coverage for cannabis plants growing outside.  Think about it, the chances of something going wrong due to weather or criminals seeking an easy target had scared off most insurance companies.  Indoor crop insurance has been available from approximately two companies knowing those plants are protected by four walls, video, alarms, and gated windows. 

However, the thought of offering outdoor crop insurance was unheard of until now. 

The insurance industry is conservative my nature.  The availability of outdoor crop insurance is considered a giant leap forward for both the cannabis and insurance industry.  There are many variables analyzed by actuaries attempting to quantify if a program of this nature will be viable long term.   Those variables include understanding the numerous hail storms that occur in Colorado.  That California is subjected to many wild fires.  Washington State can experience flooding and wind damage.  Knowing an insurance company analyzed these types of risk was the last frontier in cannabis insurance to be conquer...more

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Six Reasons to Upgrade to a Premium Account or Microsite on the Who’s Who in Cannabis

Brainsy, Inc.
Posted at 5/30/2019

You may not realize it, but you can unlock a world of benefits by upgrading your account on the Who’s Who in Cannabis. Here we outline six reasons why you’d want to do so.

#1. Traditional social media doesn’t like you. Traditional social media services will block or delete MJ related ads and discussions. They don’t like the cannabis industry – regardless of whether you’re in a state where it’s legal or not – and will take efforts to make your life difficult. Good news on this front? Facebook is being challenged in court on these practices (thank you David C. Holland) so we hope this will change soon.

#2. Your content distribution should be contextual. With a premium presence or Microsite on the Who’s Who, you have publishing rights to the Knowledge Board and Q&A community sections of the site. You can also share brochures or documents. Search “cannabis dispensary expert” in Google and see what comes up on the first page. Do you see an article published by Khadijah Adams on the Who’s Who in Cannabis? Search “cannabis extraction expert” in Google and what do you see? It should be a page of indivi...more

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NCIA White Paper - Implementing an Initial Trade Credit Policy for and Emerging Cannabis Related Business

Sam Fensterstock
Posted at 5/23/2019

Very pleased to have authored a new White Paper as part of the NCIA's Finance & Insurance Committee, check it out.

Implementing an Initial Trade Credit Policy for and Emerging Cannabis Related Business

I hope you find it an interesting read!!!!  Please contact me if you have any questions.




Avantpay|19 - the intersection of Payments | Cannabis | Cryptocurrency

Joshua Radbod
Posted at 3/31/2019

Hi everyone, just joined here! We at Avantpay are hosting a conference ( in Washington DC, Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2019 and are looking for speakers who are experts in payments, cannabis, & cryptocurrency. Please check us out and let me know if you are interested in participating in some way (speak/attend/sponsor). Expecting 500+. Thanks!

Joshua M. Radbod 


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Tagua Coconut Seed Pipes

Posted at 2/10/2019

Tree of life smoking pipe Handcrafted smoking bowl Tagua nut Unique tribal hand pipe Shamanic healing tools Hippie style pipe Ecuador gifts. ... Leaves smoking pipe Handcrafted smoking bowl Tagua nut and wood Unique tribal hand pipe Shamanic healing tools Hippie bohemian style pipe.

When you use tagua pipes you get the real taste of what you're smoking.

The TAGUA NUT is a seed or a nut from palm trees that grow in the tropics, mostly in South America.

Imagin these Pipes these Seed Pipes finding a way to evolutionate and Growing in our Lands! Good impact on our future!🤗


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Cannabis Dispensary Training

Posted at 12/24/2018

HempStaff's 2019 Dispensary Agent Training and Certification Schedule is out.

Jan 19th - Chicago, IL
Jan 26th - Oklahoma City, OK
Feb 9th - Baltimore, MD
Feb 16th - Grand Rapids, MI
Feb 23rd - Cleveland, OH
Mar 9th - Newark, NJ (covering NJ and NY) 
Mar 16th - Little Rock, AR
Mar 24th - Boston, MA
Apr 27th - Jacksonville, FL
May 4th - Philadelphia, PA

Get more information or purchase a seats on our website.


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