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Do you invest/need solar energy and other patent Nano energy clean-tech products for your grow-op facilities customers.

Hi Ms Khadijah Adams - Senior Managing Partner, -- I represent a company called GREenergyTEC we have some clean-tech products that can be used in your grow op facilites customers.  They include a varity of solar products configurations, and patent Nano devices and sensors to completely take you off the utility grid saving your operaions more money to reinvest.  


Bernard Marrast

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Khadijah Adams
Khadijah Adams  replied:

Hello Bernard,

Thanks for reaching out.  My apologies for the delay. My company has recently been acquired and dissolved by C. E. Hutton, LLC (Denver, Colorado). 

I personally won't be looking at any new investments until after January 2018.  Please feel free to check back with me after this time. In the meantime, reach out to a few of the larger companies like MJIC, the ArcView Group or The Green Investments.

Thanks again, and good luck with your raise!

Kind regards, Khadijah