Hello Lady! This is Sarara Corva from UNDOO LLC in Az. Interestingly, you popped into my head this morning, for me to reach out to. Amazingly… 3 hours later I saw your smiling face in my emails from WEIC!! I knew I had to reach out to you then! I understand that you are a certified investor and well connected in the Cannabis industry. I would love to connect with you by phone to discuss the potential for investing in UNDOO (through our distribution team, TORO Management). We are fund raising at this time, and have a truly exciting, stunningly profitable opportunity, with the worlds coolest products. :) Please contact me if you are interested in some details. We can also exchange mNDAs for a deeper dive if you are interested. Thank you for your time! I look forward to hearing from you! All my best, Sarara 480-216-3737

Khadijah Adams
Khadijah Adams  replied:

Hello Lady! Long time. Yes. Let's connect for sure. My email address is info@khadijahadams.com I look forward to receiving your pitch deck, or one pager. Thanks again. Khadijah