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Hi. I am interested in cannabis dispensary. How can I secure funding for a start up dispensary? Thanks

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Khadijah Adams
Khadijah Adams  replied:

Hello Tony, I make no excuses for not responding. I apologize. If you have not already obtained this information. 

There are several things that must happen before seeking or even securing capital for a dispensary; especially a startup.  Things to consider:

(1) Do you own land in an opportunity zone, or have the ability to purchase it?

(2) Do you the team required to successfully operate a dispensary?

(3) Are you purchasing a pre-existing license or applying to secure a new license?

(4) If either, do you need just once license?

(5) What are you looking to do at your dispensary and sell?

(6) Do you have a business plan that is investment ready?

(7) How much skin in the game did you put in?

(8) What is your ask (how much capital will you need)?

(9) What is your offering (what percentage of equity are you offering an investor)?

(10) What's your exit strategy?  

Be sure that all business partners and team members have clean criminal backgrounds, professional or hands-on experience and finally; be sure they are all aligned with your vision and how you see it being carried out.

Again, I apologize for the extremely delayed response. I will be sure to activate my subscription to receive emails when someone asks me a question.

Good luck and much success!

Khadijah Adams