Anonymous asked Brainsy, Inc. , 1/28/2019 ( 1 comment )

If we already attend a lot of cannabis events and conferences, why would my company also want to get listed in the Who's Who in Cannabis?

Brainsy, Inc. replied:

Great questions! We have a few thoughts on that. Here are 6 reasons why you'd want a Microsite or Personal Premium Profile on the Who's Who in Cannabis to supplement your in-person marketing efforts at events and conferences:

1) In-person events are great for outreach -- but it's impossible to be at all events. New cannabis events and conferences are popping up daily so it's getting harder and harder to attend them all. 

2) A presence on the Who's Who allows you to cast a wider net and is good to reach prospective customers who can't happen to make it to the live event that you'll attend.  

3) The Who's Who serves as a reference for recruiters of live events -- so it's a good way to increase the quality and number of speaking invitations you may receive. 

4) The cost of a Personal Premium Profile (less than $300) or company Microsite ($349) is a modest investment considering that your time at an event has an opportunity cost.  

5) A Personal Premium Profile (or Microsite) on the Who's Who in Cannabis is interactive - just like an in-person event.  

6) Unlike your in-person event, your online interaction on the Who's Who has permanency -- so it's a great way to answer FAQs or to carve out a niche of thought leadership that you want to own. 

Bonus: #7) Google and the search engines love the Who's Who. They can direct people to your online presence - but they won't help get people to your event. 

Thanks for your inquiry. Hope this helps!