Anonymous asked Baked Smart , 12/27/2018 ( 1 comment )

How much time does it take to apply the Baked Smart Cannacals to cannabis infused products?

Baked Smart replied:

It depends on the product you are applying it to. For cookies it is more time intensive - although not unreasonably so - to put the targets on the baking sheet. Targets are most often used with cookie dough. The dough is placed on top of the target on the baking sheet. To figure the time I would say if it takes you two minutes to put dough balls onto a baking sheet, I would add another two minutes to add the targets. For the transfers, they are laid on top of molds so just a minute to place the transfer sheet on top of the mold after the mold cavities are filled with product. If you are using cannacals with product you purchase in the dispensary, it only takes a minute to apply the cannacal. It is moisture activate and once it is on, it is not easily removed. Cannacals are made with cornstarch, surgar and food dye and will not change the taste or texture of the food product. Please feel free to reach out to us at with any additional questions or to receive free samples.