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Joshua Radbod Joshua Radbod
Posted at 3/31/2019

Hi everyone, just joined here! We at Avantpay are hosting a conference (www.avantpay.io) in Washington DC, Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2019 and are looking for speakers who are experts in payments, cannabis, & cryptocurrency. Please check us out and let me know if you are interested in participating in some way (speak/attend/sponsor). Expecting 500+. Thanks!

Joshua M. Radbod 


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Tagua Coconut Seed Pipes

Posted at 2/10/2019

Tree of life smoking pipe Handcrafted smoking bowl Tagua nut Unique tribal hand pipe Shamanic healing tools Hippie style pipe Ecuador gifts. ... Leaves smoking pipe Handcrafted smoking bowl Tagua nut and wood Unique tribal hand pipe Shamanic healing tools Hippie bohemian style pipe.

When you use tagua pipes you get the real taste of what you're smoking.

The TAGUA NUT is a seed or a nut from palm trees that grow in the tropics, mostly in South America.

Imagin these Pipes these Seed Pipes finding a way to evolutionate and Growing in our Lands! Good impact on our future!🤗


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Cannabis Dispensary Training

Posted at 12/24/2018

HempStaff's 2019 Dispensary Agent Training and Certification Schedule is out.

Jan 19th - Chicago, IL
Jan 26th - Oklahoma City, OK
Feb 9th - Baltimore, MD
Feb 16th - Grand Rapids, MI
Feb 23rd - Cleveland, OH
Mar 9th - Newark, NJ (covering NJ and NY) 
Mar 16th - Little Rock, AR
Mar 24th - Boston, MA
Apr 27th - Jacksonville, FL
May 4th - Philadelphia, PA

Get more information or purchase a seats on our website.


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