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Our mission is to bring real relief and an improved quality of life to cancer patients. How do we disarm the cannabis stigma while simultaneously penetrating this market?

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Diane Czarkowski
Diane Czarkowski  replied:
The question is difficult to answer without knowing what your business is and where you are located. In areas where there is a market presence, the answer is to present yourself and your business with the utmost professionalism. If you sell products, make certain they are represented in a true medical perspective. If you are in a place where there is no regulated cannabis industry, you have to be well-prepared with information to refute common misconceptions and continually reach out to the communities you are trying to serve.
Brian Goertzen
Brian Goertzen  replied:
Thanks for your reply, Diane. Yes, we are a delivery only dispensary in Fresno California. Medical Cannabis is permitted here. Our current marketing plan is to call local oncology offices to get a brief meeting with the office manager so we can explain the service we want to provide to oncology patients (getting relief from chemo symptoms). Our end game is to get permission to place our brochure in their waiting room for patients to see. We are hoping you might have another idea for getting this brochure/information to the cancer patient. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, Diane.