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Do you lose the ability to control the critical extraction parameters in a fully automated cannabis extraction system?

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AC Braddock
AC Braddock  replied:
Lets reiterate this first....the advantage of c02 is its tunablilty.  Meaning, you can tune the temperature and pressure of it to drop out particular components in a plant.  I am sure you already knew this based on your question, just reitierating it to create a baseline for this question for others.  To automate or not to automate, that is the question.  The primary thing to consider with automation is what happens when the automation malfunctions?  What does the systems maufacturer offer to keep you from losing thousands and thousands of dollars while they fix it?  We have never been huge proponents of automation for this reason alone and its adds cost to the system as well.  Having said that, we offer an automated sytem that can also be run manually if the automation fails....which all automation does eventually.  Bottom line, it depends on the software.  I can go pretty deep into this.  For instance, does the system itself offer the widest parameters with out the automation?