Mario Ceretto

Founder & CEO

New Era CPAs, LLP

Mario assists clients in the cannabis industry with 280E strategy, compliance, tax preparation, and litigation support.

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Mario is the founder of New Era CPAs, LLP. and has been helping clients in the cannabis industry across with litigation support, compliance, 280E strategy, and tax preparation for over seven years. Mario has served as an expert witness in a medical marijuana defense case (People v. Jovan Jackson(2013)) and was appointed by the Court as the CPA for the first medical marijuana business to file bankruptcy in federal court.

Mario has spoken at numerous cannabis and accounting events including Cannabis Finance Bootcamp, Ganjier Spring Kickoff, and CannaGrow Expo, to name a few. Mario's professional experience is representative of his entrepreneurial character, one not afraid to deviate from the stereotypical norms. After leading audit engagements for large publicly traded companies at PwC in Portland, Oregon, Mario founded an accounting practice in San Diego and has helped hundreds of clients in accounting, consulting and tax engagements. 

Mario graduated from the University of California Santa Cruz with dual degrees in Business Management Economics and Psychology. Mario holds CPA certificates from the State of Oregon and State of California. New Era CPA's offices are now operating in San Diego, California; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington.


About New Era CPAs

With over seven years of experience in the industry, we are one of the nation's leading accounting firms helping hundreds of growers, dispensaries, and ancillary companies with their tax and business strategies from Washington to California.

Our experience allows us to serve clients in all stages of their business at a high level through the application of corporate disciplines and high standards of excellence. Our unique background and experience sets us apart. We not only have the firsthand experience of taking an idea and turning it into a successful business, but we also have years of experience working at large national and international corporations. This unique combination of experience allows us to provide advice and input that you would not receive from a traditional one-dimensional tax firm or accountant. Our team can lend valuable industry expertise to help save you time and money while developing a successful business. 

Our thinking is driven by the concepts of innovation and evolution as we seek to redefine the CPA to Client relationship in the New Era. Entrepreneurship is thriving and we provide cutting edge solutions and tools allowing our clients to navigate as efficiently as possible through the uncertainty and perceived barriers to operating a successful business. Our approach to client service is uniquely tailored to maximize our ability to serve you and your business.

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Founder & CEO

New Era CPAs, LLP
November 2013 - present

Partner at New Era CPAs, LLP providing accounting, tax, and consulting services to businesses and individuals throughout the West Coast. 

Specialities: Federal & State income tax preparation, small business consulting, internal controls, litigation & bankruptcy support, expert testimony, IRS audit support, payroll & payroll taxes. Emphasis on emerging industries and start-ups.


Collective Accounting Solutions
June 2010 - November 2013

Accounting firm providing comprehensive accounting, tax, audit and consulting services to all players in the medical marijuana industry including dispensaries, suppliers, growers, and member patients.

Senior Associate

Konja & Associates CPAs
December 2008 - June 2010

Income tax preparation for corporations & individuals, small business consulting & risk assessments, and business plan development & reviews.

Assurance Associate

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
August 2005 - April 2008

Provide attestation and assurance services to private middle-market and SEC registrants.


University of California, Santa Cruz

Bachelor's Degree
2000 - 2004

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Dual Degree: Business Management Economics & Psychology



English Italian


Certified Public Accountant

Oregon Board of Accountancy
December 2007 - present

Certified Public Accountant

California Board of Accountancy
December 2009 - present
8/9/2016 9:47:45 AM,
Mario Ceretto replied:

The impact of 280E is contingent upon which schedule cannabis is reclassified under.  If moved to Schedule II, 280E still applies while allowing FDA intervention and opens the door to big Pharma.  If reclassified under III or lower, 280E will not apply and therefore cannabis touching businesses will have more benefits such as access to banking (hopefully), attract investment, and retain earnings for long term growth.  Currently Outside investors are hesitant to invest in cannabis due to 280E therefore most investment dollars are going into holding companies (i.e. Real Estate) and/or ancillary businesses.  The complex structures and transactions driving revenue from the cannabis to the non-cannabis touching entities would be simplified.  In addition, the selection of business entity type would be more flexible in that flow-through entities (i.e partnerships) would not pass 'inflated income' to individual owners due to expenses disallowed under 280E.  Overall the elimination of 280E through rescheduling depends on which Schedule its classified.  If 280E was non-applicable, the barriers to entry in the cannabis industry would be largely reduced.