What sort of vehicles can ensure the secure transportation of medical cannabis products from manufacturing to distribution?

OMNI Security Transportation Services utilizes refrigerated freightliner and sprinter vans.  All vehicles are registered DOT and with the CHP.  As per AB266, every transport consists of two armed security professionals.  All OMNI Transportation personnel  have law enforcement and military/combat experience.  Our vehicles ensure the product arrives at its destination in the same condition it was picked up.  All product is protected by insurance in the event of loss or damage.  OMNI vehicles have the capability to control the temperature to as low as 10 degrees farenheit even though it is not necessary.  Most products are moved between 45 and 47 degrees.  OMNI carries cannabis product insurance so clients can be assured their product is protected.  

Anonymous replied:

Always ask for a copy of their license... i.e. CA - Temp. License and insurance.