Anonymous asked N2 Packaging Systems LLC , 10/18/2019 ( 1 comment )

How much dried cannabis does your equipment package an hour?

N2 Packaging Systems LLC replied:

Thank you for the question. 

  We have actually 2 different levels of automation for the preservation and packaging of dried Cannabis.  We have done this due to the wide range of production values we see.  We have a semi automated system the requires an operator.  This system will comfortably do between 10-13 cans per minute.  If you were packaging 1/8th ounce cans that would equate to approx 4.5-5.5 pounds per hour.  We also have a fully automated system that does not require an operator.  This system will do 30 cans per minute so if you were still packaging 3.5 grams per can that would equate to approx 14 lbs. of product packaged in an hour.  

  We also carry the machinery to fully label and apply our Patented Child Resistant lid as well.  So in essence you could automate the complete process so you would have a ready for market product when it comes off the line, fully labeled, preserved and compliant.  you can learn more here