Anonymous asked N2 Packaging Systems LLC , 8/30/2019 ( 1 comment )

Have well does N2 packaging work for terpene stability of stored cannabis?

N2 Packaging Systems LLC replied:

That is a great question.  

We are currently engaged in a 5 year test exclusively to determine how well our packaging stabilizes Terpene profiles in Cannabis Flower.  We commissioned an independent lab to conduct this study.  They took our packaging along with Glass Jars, Plastic Containers and, Mylar Bags.  This lab monitored the top 5 Terpene Profiles in Cannabis.  I have attached a link below to show the published first year results.  As you will see our packaging is far superior over the other 3 packaging mediums as far as Terpene stabilization.  

Stability Test

  In cannabis packaging the preservation of the flower is paramount.  You want the end consumer to be able to enjoy the product in the same state it was packaged in.  

  Thank you for your inquiry.  

-N2 Packaging-