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What sort of HVAC savings could we expect with LED over HPS for our cannabis grow room?

Heliospectra replied:

Response from our Grower Liaison Ryan Wankel (

Having your lighting and HVAC working together is key for any successful grow room.

When it comes to the potential HVAC savings using LED versus HPS, there are two ways of looking at it. Is your grow room or facility a new build or retrofit?

We find one of the largest savings opportunities is for the upfront cost of the initial HVAC system in a new build out. Heliospectra LEDs produce around 2000 BTUs of heat output while a standard double-ended HPS often produces 6000 BTUs. The LED would produce two thirds less heat, resulting in roughly 66% fewer tons of HVAC for the initial install. Our customer The Grove Nevada recognized a significant reduction in HVAC demand with Heliospectra solutions (

In a retrofit situation, growers will find potential savings in energy consumption by upgrading to LEDs. Not only do LEDs produce less BTUs of heat, they also produce far less radiant heat than a standard HID lamp. This allows growers to run higher ambient room temperatures around 85 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve optimal transpiration of the plant. Most growers reduce energy consumption and cost 10% to 15% by running rooms at these higher temperatures. This also creates less stress on your equipment and overall environment.