Anonymous asked Flourish Software , 2/26/2018 ( 2 comments )

Does Flourish provide the RFID tags and IoT enabled sensors that work with your seed to sale software? 

Can you explain what type of IoT enables sensors you use? 

Flourish Software replied:

We can read METRC RFID tags for states in which that is applicable. Otherwise, we can source affordable RFID tags for you. There is a variety of choices for RFID sensors and readers. We like to evaluate the equipment needs on a case-by-case basis with each client to help identifiy the best and most cost effective choice specific to their facility. Other examples of sensors are those used to monitor temperature, humidity, etc. We have an extensive list of hardware solutions on the market to choose from. We'd love to discuss this in more detail so contact us and we can set up a meeting!

Anonymous replied:

In states that require RFID tags You will obtain the tags through the States Metric system. You will not need an RFID scanner to work with these tags. A 1D barcode is also printed on the RFID tag for reading with an inexpensive 1D barcode scanner.