Anonymous asked Eden Labs , 4/6/2018 ( 1 comment )

Why did Eden Labs add LightLab to its product portfolio? What does it do?

Eden Labs replied:

So many reasons!!  It is wonderful tool to optimize the extraction process.  The OP will test for THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBN CBGA.  The relationship between growing and extracting is very interdependant and this portable unit makes data collection and strategizing production on both sides easy and efficient.  Farmers can use it in the field to know when to pull for certain cannabinoids and what they can expect to get back from a processor.  Obvioulsy it helps a toll processor by knowing what went in and what came out.  No waiting for an outside lab.  Know right then!  Of course it is also great for opimzing the extraction process.  When you get in a new lot of it and test the extract in regular intervals to see what came out when and when the extraction is complete.  This will keep you from running past the time when there is a diminishing point of return on the run.  Basically we want to help our clients improve thier processes and this is a great tool.  It is very inexpensive for the amount of time they will save and the data they can acquire to educate or reduce thier bottom line.