Just How Easy Is It to Own Your Own Medical Marijuana Dispensary?

Khadijah Adams Khadijah Adams
Posted at 6/30/2016

You can see it just about everywhere you look. From consultants, experts, financial forecasters and entrepreneurs, they’re all very bullish. 2016 is projected to be marijuana’s best year yet. Fortune Magazine says over $6.7 billion in revenue is projected this year alone. Major investment groups like Sequoia International are earnestly seeking to transform the industry. Those pesky and previously impenetrable laws criminalizing marijuana are suddenly dropping like dominoes, as legalization (especially for medicinal purposes) has exploded. In mid-April, Pennsylvania became the 24th state to pass legislation to legalize medical marijuana. Including Washington D.C., nearly half the country is making cannabis a legal entity.

What does that mean for you? If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur, it means incredible opportunity for you to open and operate your very own medical marijuana dispensary. The promise is obviously very appealing. With so much legal momentum coming to the United States, federal legalization to some is simply inevitable. Get in early, you stand to make a fortune! Thousands of observers are realizing that this isn’t just a “side hustle,” this is a major opportunity t...more

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