On November 6th, we filed a petition with the Supreme Court to hear whether expressly state legal cannabis violates the CSA and whether Section 280E is unconstitutional.  A very important second step is for the Government (through the Solicitor General) to respond to the Petition. The Justices never grant a petition without a response.  Most of the time the Solicitor General "waives" response - which is code to the Justices that there's "nothing to see here, move on".    To get a government response to a Petition is exceptional.  Thus, it is an important second step.  Without it, we lose.  

Today, Acting Solicitor General, Jeffery B. Wall, filed with the Supreme Court a request asking for an additional thirty days to file his response to the Standing Akimbo Petition.  The importance of this motion is that the Government states it intends to file a response.   You can see the request here.  https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/20/20-645/162996/20201208113820061_Extension%20Letter%2020-645.pdf  I feel confident that we are accomplishing this second step.  

Jim Thorburn

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