You may not realize it, but you can unlock a world of benefits by upgrading your account on the Who’s Who in Cannabis. Here we outline six reasons why you’d want to do so.

#1. Traditional social media doesn’t like you. Traditional social media services will block or delete MJ related ads and discussions. They don’t like the cannabis industry – regardless of whether you’re in a state where it’s legal or not – and will take efforts to make your life difficult. Good news on this front? Facebook is being challenged in court on these practices (thank you David C. Holland) so we hope this will change soon.

#2. Your content distribution should be contextual. With a premium presence or Microsite on the Who’s Who, you have publishing rights to the Knowledge Board and Q&A community sections of the site. You can also share brochures or documents. Search “cannabis dispensary expert” in Google and see what comes up on the first page. Do you see an article published by Khadijah Adams on the Who’s Who in Cannabis? Search “cannabis extraction expert” in Google and what do you see? It should be a page of individuals from that category in the Who’s Who. This is contextual content distribution at its best -- and you can get access it on the Who’s Who and be downstream from these types of search queries. If you're a B2B seller, you should know that 60% of B2B buyers don’t want to interact with a sales rep. And 62% say they can finalize their purchase criteria based solely on digital content. Therefore, it's imperative for you to distribute your content in a contextually relevant way.   

#3. SEO can expensive. The majority of American businesses are spending $5,000 per month on their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts and 41 percent of large companies consider link building as the most difficult SEO tactic. Your Profile or Microsite on the Who’s Who is optimized for SEO and you can include dozens of links back to your main site. For cannabis companies seeking to break into this exciting new market, we recommend they get listed in all the (legitimate) cannabis related directories they can afford. This is a good way to support all the sites trying to be an alternative to cannabis-hostile social media while boosting your own ranking in search.

#4. Referral commissions - up to $100k! The Who’s Who in Cannabis has a new referral rewards program and you can earn up to $100,000 each year for bringing your network into the Who’s Who. It works like an Uber or Airbnb campaign – give your friends or colleagues a code that offers them a discount when they upgrade to a Premium account or Microsite and you earn an equal amount in return. Yeah, we cap it at $100,000 each year so that no single entity gets all the fun out of this program. 

#5. Interactivity. Your activity on the Who's Who gets incorporated into the Who’s Who community Feed and that includes any twitter accounts that you integrate with your profile. Also, as you gain followers on the site, they will be updated in real time when you publish or post. And if you’re a company that gets a lot of FAQs, use the Who’s Who as an opportunity to interactively educate your prospects and the broader cannabis community about your product and services.

#6. Thought Leadership. Nearly ½ of the C-suite says they vet an organization by its thought leadership and 81% say their trust increases after engaging with thought leadership content. By appearing on the Who's Who in Cannabis, you can showcase your thought leadership in a credible and professional manner.  

These are just six of the potential reasons you should upgrade your profile (and today). To see a more compete list of features on the site, visit: and you can use the secure upgrade link to get started today.  

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