L’Eagle Services Presented with NCIA’s Excellence in Innovation Award for Cultivation

In an industry where the standard is often quantity over quality,

L’Eagle Services sets itself apart with sustainable cultivation practices

DENVER (Feb. 8, 2018) – The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) has recognized, L’Eagle Services — a Denver based cannabis cultivator and retail dispensary specializing in clean cannabis — with the NCIA Excellence in Innovation Award for their leading edge in sustainable cultivation practices.

The NCIA Industry Awards recognize the best and brightest in the business, who are working to advance the cannabis industry. NCIA’s Excellence in Innovation Award is presented to those who are moving the industry forward by bringing an innovative idea to life in three categories: cultivation, infused products and extraction and business strategy and innovation.

Named The Cannabist People’s Choice Award Winner for Best Dispensary in 2018, L’Eagle Services prides itself in providing consumers with high quality, clean cannabis they can trust. L’Eagle implements sustainable practices from seed to sale bringing forward an innovative method for cannabis cultivation, rooted in organic agricultural best practices. From how they set up their rooms, to the way they treat their plants and their extensive curing process – all of these components ensure customers that when they come to L’Eagle, they are leaving with a completely clean product.

Recently, L’Eagle became the first and only adult use indoor grow in the state of Colorado to achieve Clean Green Certification, an initiative that is modeled on the USDA National Organic Program. L’Eagle only uses Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) rated oils, bio-fungicides/insecticides and beneficial insects. L’Eagle takes it a step further beyond USDA National Organic Standards by not spraying any plants after the onset of buds. This ensures that the final product has zero residual pesticides. All plants are given one on one attention, ensuring that each and every plant is looked after by horticulturalists who assess individual plant health. An HVAC system with hospital-grade filtration cleans the air. When it comes time to harvest, L’Eagle processes flower rooms in their entirety, so they may be properly disinfected. By not perpetually harvesting, it ensures that the flower room has been emptied of all life from the previous harvest, and sanitized from top to bottom with a hydrogen peroxide solution before the room is reset with plants. Lastly, all plant matter is put through a bokashi compost system which helps break the down the waste. It is then recycled and given to local farms to use for their own purposes.

“Since opening our doors in 2010, L’Eagle has focused on finding innovative ways to ensure clients have access to clean, healthy cannabis, while reducing our environmental impact,” said Amy Andrle, co-owner, L’Eagle Services. “It’s an honor to be recognized by our peers at NCIA for our dedication to providing organically cultivated and sustainably grown cannabis. We’ve witnessed firsthand the rising consumer demand for cannabis products that meet these standards and encourage other industry professionals to implement sustainable business practices in their cultivation facilities.”

Through its work in the cannabis community, L’Eagle continues to push for sustainability and ethical workplace standards both to educate consumers and ensure the health and safety of employees.

L’Eagle Services is disrupting industry standards by cultivating cannabis unlike anyone else: with expertise, exceptional care and an eye towards innovation. Consumers know when they choose L’Eagle, they are choosing the cleanest, healthiest and most responsibly cultivated cannabis on the market.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Chloe Steerman at 484-751-8387 or chloe@rosengrouppr.com.



Established in 2010, L’Eagle Services is an all-natural and sustainable cannabis cultivator and retails dispensary specializing in clean cannabis.  In its cultivation, L’Eagle leads the industry by championing organic agricultural methods, responsible pesticide use, sustainable business practices and strict industry compliance. Its Denver dispensary takes pride in offering the cleanest product, free of synthetic pesticides while also investing the time to educate consumers on the intricacies of the cannabis plant and its derivatives. L’Eagle is the first–and currently only–cannabis dispensary to earn recognition as a Certifiably Green Denver (CGD) retail establishment from the City and County of Denver Department of Environmental Health, a designation that recognizes retail establishments that demonstrate exemplary environmental achievement. L’Eagle is the only adult use indoor grow in the state of Colorado to be Clean Green Certified. For more information, visit www.leagledenver.com. Follow L’Eagle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


NCIA is the only national trade association advancing the interests of the legitimate and responsible cannabis industry.  Our industry supports tens of thousands of jobs, tens of millions in tax revenue, and billions in economic activity in the United States. NCIA is leading the unified and coordinated campaign to ensure this emerging sector is treated fairly under federal law.

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