With California around the corner, there are many insurance carriers contemplating or conducting analysis if they should start offering cannabis insurance to this fast growing industry.   These insurance carriers might be admitted or non-admitted insurance companies seeking valid and credible information with structuring a cannabis insurance program through the right partners. 

Insurance company executives, attorneys, actuaries, or other parties representing their respective interests actively conducting due diligence may want to contact us through the Expert Calling Network for a confidential consultation.  Greenpoint Insurance Advisors, LLC is a retail insurance broker specializing in cannabis insurance since 2009.  We've worked with hundreds of licensees in the areas of insurance procurement and risk management.     

Important considerations if you're an insurance carrier:

  • What types of risk should the insurance carrier consider?
  • What product distribution channels should I use or avoid?
  • Coverage analysis
  • Other variables to consider known and unknown
  • Contractual forms considerations
  • Exposure analysis:  liability, property, professional, products, and others
  • Coverage lines to offer to which classification
  • Unique risks associated with each licensee

Please contact us through the Cannabis ECN for a confidential consultation.  The process is simple, effective, and professional.   

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