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Jaime Lewis

CEO and Founder

Mountain Medicine

Infused product and dispensary operations expert with over 10 years of medical and recreational license experience in multiple states.

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Mountain Medicine Founder and CEO Jaime Lewis has over a decade of experience managing the production of medical marijuana-infused products and leading medical and recreational dispensary operations. A graduate of the California Culinary Academy, Lewis worked in many acclaimed professional kitchens, including as executive chef of a Michelin three-star restaurant in San Francisco. She began making medical marijuana edibles for HIV/AIDS patients in California in 2006 as part of a compassionate care co-op.

In 2009, Lewis moved from California to Colorado, where she founded medical marijuana-infused product manufacturer Mountain Medicine. As founder and executive chef, Lewis designed Mountain Medicine’s commercial kitchen and oversaw its construction. In her kitchen, she draws on deep culinary knowledge to develop recipes for award-winning medical and recreational infused product lines that meet the highest standards for quality, consistency, and flavor. Committed to providing patients and consumers with the best edibles experience possible, Lewis constantly explores ingredients and techniques to offer the best, most reliable infused products available. She continues to refine and reimagine product packaging design in favor of patient confidentiality and safety.

At Mountain Medicine and as an active member of the cannabis industry, Lewis is a leader in corporate responsibility and compliance who takes great pride in changing the conversation around safe and responsible cannabis consumption in Colorado and nationally.  She is responsible for strategic planning and business development, policy development and governmental affairs, and marketing at Mountain Medicine, and she serves as a community liaison to demonstrate good corporate citizenship. Lewis is a founder and former chair of the Cannabis Business Alliance chamber of commerce. A National Cannabis Industry Association since its inception, she has served on the group’s board for six years and is the current board chair.


CEO and Founder

Mountain Medicine
January 2009 - present

Founder, owner, and executive chef at Mountain Medicine, a leading producer of medical and recreational cannabis edibles in Colorado. Responsible for strategic planning and business development, policy development, governmental affairs, and marketing. Oversees intensive research and development process to provide patients with award-winning products of unparalleled quality, consistency, and flavor.

Chief Operating Officer

Good Chemistry
January 2009 - January 2015

Founder, Good Chemistry, which provides high quality, medical-marijuana-infused edibles and products for patients of Good Chemistry as well as multiple Colorado dispensaries. Handled product development, quality control, and product consistency. Implemented and upheld all kitchen policies and procedures. Hired and trained kitchen staff. Oversaw all product marketing. Milestones on behalf of the company include the following:

  • Designed commercial kitchen and supervised its start-to-finish construction
  • Developed recipes leading to a variety of product lines to meet patients’ individual needs
  • Developed product packaging that favors discrete design on behalf of patient confidentiality and safety

Executive Chef

Elmar Lins Compassion Co-op
January 2006 - January 2009

Prepared marijuana-infused products for AIDS patients. Worked directly with patients to determine which medicines would be most effective at treating their ailments. Developed appealing new recipes that made consumption easier for patients. Diligently worked to serve the patient population in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Member Board of Directors, Acting Board Chair

National Cannabis Industry Association
January 2015 - present

Elected leader of the cannabis industry’s national trade organization. Works with fellow board members to provide budgetary and strategic guidance. Engages with industry stakeholders, policymakers and media as an ambassador for NCIA.

Founder and Former Chair

Cannabis Business Alliance chamber of commerce
January 2013 - January 2015

Founder of Colorado cannabis industry chamber of commerce group that advocates for and supports the cannabis industry’s small business owners, employees, and patients.

Are there any barriers to selling infused Cannabis products online?

It appears that Mountain Medicine products are sold throughout Colorado in various retail locations but not online. Are there any barriers to selling infused Cannabis products online (in Colorado)? 

6/20/2016 9:34:23 PM,
Jaime Lewis replied:

There is currently no way to sell infused cannabis products online to consumer or patients in Colorado. State law stipulates that licensed medical centers and retail stores are the only venues where cannabis products may be sold to consumers and patients. The sale and transfer of cannabis products between licensees and to the consumer is monitored by seed to sale tracking that ensures that all legally produced cannabis remains within the license system. Online marketplaces that facilitate B2B sales of wholesale trim, flower, and infused products are beginning to appear, though the compliant exchange still occurs between the licensed buyer and seller. These sites represent the only opportunity for online wholesaling of infused products, and the impact of these services remains very limited.