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Are there any barriers to selling infused Cannabis products online?

It appears that Mountain Medicine products are sold throughout Colorado in various retail locations but not online. Are there any barriers to selling infused Cannabis products online (in Colorado)? 

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Jaime Lewis
Jaime Lewis  replied:

There is currently no way to sell infused cannabis products online to consumer or patients in Colorado. State law stipulates that licensed medical centers and retail stores are the only venues where cannabis products may be sold to consumers and patients. The sale and transfer of cannabis products between licensees and to the consumer is monitored by seed to sale tracking that ensures that all legally produced cannabis remains within the license system. Online marketplaces that facilitate B2B sales of wholesale trim, flower, and infused products are beginning to appear, though the compliant exchange still occurs between the licensed buyer and seller. These sites represent the only opportunity for online wholesaling of infused products, and the impact of these services remains very limited.