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CEO - Mark Slaugh

Mr. Slaugh has more than six years of experience in the cannabis industry development, consulting and compliance business, having founded iComply in 2011. Through his expertise, he has a successful startup providing valued services to clients on starting operations, production, manufacturing, and retail management as well as compliance consulting, training, and certification. Additionally, he served as the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council (CSMCC) industry membership and executive director and as the Southern Colorado Regional Coordinator for the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (Amendment 64) working on complex, nuanced, and challenging regulatory issues.

He has played a pivotal role in the creation of Colorado’s Cannabis Industry as he worked to craft Colorado’s public policy around marijuana in both the legislature and through rulemaking groups focused on multiple topics including recording keeping, administration, discipline, edibles safety, responsible vendor training, taxation, and compliance. He currently serves as the Executive Director for one of the oldest Colorado Industry Organizations: the Cannabis Business Alliance. Mr. Slaugh has spoken at numerous public testimonies for Colorado legislation and rulemaking as well as local governments like Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Palmer Lake, and Manitou Springs.

Mr. Slaugh also serves as an ambassador for the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and as a Minority Business Council Member for the largest industry group in the world with over 900 members. He has spoken at each NCIA National Summit leading panel discussions and participating in topics ranging from industry training, standard operating procedures, and infused products manufacturing to laboratory testing safety and regulation.

As a first-generation Brazilian American, Mr. Slaugh carries a passion for social justice by reforming draconian and failed drug policy. By influencing and improving laws, regulation, and public policy in the marijuana industry, and through iComply’s efforts to create integrity, excellence, and transparency in the budding business, Mark’s passion makes a real difference in the way the world views, works with, and treats marijuana and its users.



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7/23/2018 2:31:37 AM,
Mark Slaugh replied:

Rumors are flying that the BCC may mandate third-party compliance for full transparency. In my 10 years of cannabis, we've seen regulators grow teeth and deliver on enforcment. At the end of the day, protecting your license is protecting your most valuable asset and we don't mess with reacting to non-compliance (too late). If you want to be proavtive, there's a ton we do prior to the state figuring it out which values companies higher and sets our clients apart from the competition. A penny on every dollar to protect the dollar makes 99% sense. 

BCC will require METRC which uploads a daily count - easily reconcilable on any inspection or audit. This is just one example of many reporting requirements in the emergency rules and to come later. If you're a potential client that values proactive compliance as a budget item, we'd be glad to chat. Otherwise, best of luck reacting and thinking your compliance is "good enough" . Most people buzz word it and never take the time to unpack what compliance really means and the value of high standards. 

Glad your're thinking about it now, and having third-party validation means you're always ready to upload macro and micro compliance proof to any agency at any time.

11/2/2017 12:00:08 PM,
Mark Slaugh replied:


California is on our Radar, yes. We have Clients already there, but, like everyone else, we're waiting on the regulations to come out for MAURSA. Once those are in place, we have our work cut out for us in educating California operators on compliance and working with industry leaders to show others the way forward through the complexities of compliance.


7/18/2017 5:28:48 PM,
Mark Slaugh replied:
My reaction is that PNC is overreacting. It is possible they felt the pressure from regulators, but having held these accounts for years, they have a history that would likely reflect small dollar donations that pose a small risk. If the bank were to instill a compliance program for marijuana related businesses (MRB's) they could mitigate this regulatory risk with the Feds. As long as the business is ancillary, it should be insulated from the RICO act and money laundering. Indeed, the definition of an MRB often only extends to the direct-plant businesses and can vary from bank to bank to also encompass ancillary companies. Or, now, non-profit advocacy organizations. Banks are by nature, risk adverse, so I'm not shocked - though it is a bummer for the organizations affected and the movement overall.