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How has compliance in the cannabis industry evolved in the past 5 years?

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Mark Slaugh
Mark Slaugh  replied:

Compliance in the beginning was just a "four letter word" and still is in new markets. Early on, we saw the word "compliance" become a buzzword as enforcement took down major players in older markets like Colorado. Everyone, all of a sudden - overnight - became "compliant" or claimed to be. Operators still act like they care about proactive compliance, but few actually manage it well or fully unpack the buzzword.

We've evolved by realizing we can't lead everyone to the waters and expect them to drink and to be selective about which clients we help position as leaders for everyone else to follow. This has allowed us to not waste our time or client's money since you can't work with people who don't truly care about doing the boring and tedious work necessary for long term success and risk mitigation.

These days, we've evolved the conversation beyond the buzzword and reactionary culture to one that values proactive compliance management of processes, people, and macro and micro areas of compliance. We've made it easier to understand and simple for clients to choose their level of protection over the long run. We are a part of their every day struggle to comply and help them achieve compliance objectives and protect themselves.

The future looks like cGAP, cGMP, and ISO standards and international commerce in which we're positioned as global leaders for success.