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Will children be more likely to use marijuana at younger ages, now that it is legalized?

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Diane Czarkowski
Diane Czarkowski  replied:
"What about the children?" is a common question I hear in states where some form of legalization has yet to occur. I'm a parent of 3, and I certainly understand the concern. The reports are already showing that in states where there is legalization, like Colorado, teen use is actually down. What many people don't think about is that there is already a cannabis (marijuana) market in their neighborhood - the black market. They don't check id's, they don't have their cannabis tested for potency or purity and they are extremely motivated to "up sell" to something far more addictive and expensive.
It is far better to legalize cannabis so we have control over who sells cannabis and we can put regulations in place to make certain that things like packaging, dosage, testing requirements and procedures for checking id's are in place.
Along with legalization comes education to the community. In Colorado, the industry took initiative to provide educational materials to the community. I have also heard ads on the radio and tv to encourage parents to talk to their children about cannabis. Kids won't be able to get cannabis from a dispensary. They will get it from a friend or take it from home. That is why educating the communities about safe use and safe storage are critical components of that education. Reference: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/colorado-s-teen-marijuana-usage-dips-after-legalization/