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Which cannabis POS vendors do you have experience with and would you recommend them?

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Mark Passerini
Mark Passerini  replied:
We use MMJ Menu at our facility in Ann Arbor.  They are owned by Weedmaps, the service is free, and the experience has been adequate thus far.  However, we will be transitioning to a different, compliant system once the State's seed to sale laws go into effect at the end of this year.  
Lance Ott
Lance Ott  replied:
We don’t recommend a “POS” system. We actually recommend looking at your business from a holistic standpoint and utilize an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system that meets the overall needs of the cannabis business.  Solutions like Guardian Data Systems’ ROAR ERP platform creates a complete infrastructure to run the business with compliance, data integrity and data-driven decision making that replaces all of the applications that businesses are struggling with.  ROAR has a clean and simple POS and a multiple license type system that replaces HR, payroll, accounting, time management, seed-to-sale, inventory management, distribution, customer & patient management, reporting among others.  The problem with buying just a “POS” is that your view of the business becomes (and stays) limited.  An ERP will allow you to truly calculate cost of goods sold, help you run your business more efficiently, buy, sell, grow and market with intelligent data and ultimately allow you to focus on your core business, not trying to run it.