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When it comes to mid-level or executive-level hires, should we consider recruiting experienced professionals from other industries or it’s better to search for experts from the cannabis industry?

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Carole Richter
Carole Richter  replied:

Good question!  If you ask someone to join your leadership team, who already has knowledge and experience in the industry, you will be able to expedite the onboarding process and have them contributing at 100% capacity sooner than the alternative.  Hiring someone without industry experience will require additional time to learn the laws and regulations surrounding the production, distribution and sale of cannabis.  Secondly, one must learn about the unique products and services in the industry, yours and the completion’s, before they can help maximize your profitability.  And, lastly, some leaders, used to the status quo, may be tested by the unique employee demographic; workforces full of risk takers and status quo breakers. 

However, there are very good reasons to consider talent from outside the industry.  You may need a particular skill set, educational background or business experience to strengthen the organizational foundation or to enable you to take advantage of growth opportunities.  Leadership needs to assess current needs, not only for the “position,” but for the team and the organization, as well.  Then, select the best from the rest!

Michael Kerechenko
Michael Kerechenko  replied:

Thank you Carole, great info for us for sure.