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When a SEED-TO-SALE technology company like MJ Freeway has a serious service outage, what sort of compliance issues does it raise for their customers?

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Mark Slaugh
Mark Slaugh  replied:
Most seed-to-sale companies out there pride themselves on compliance. In our experience, seed-to-sale providers generally cover around 10% to 20% of operational compliance needs.

Certainly, the biggest risk is inventory tracking accuracies including the qualification of sales, customers, and the upload of that information accurately into other systems. In Colorado, the Regualtions mandate that operators have back up systems for METRC tracking in the event of an outage and this is the responsibility of the licensee, not the Seed-to-sale company.

Beyond that, purchase limitations, labeling, and equivalency standards would be the biggest concerns to try and mitigate. A good back up system should integrate these compliance considerations and be trained among staff members.

Beyond that, there's the 80% to 90% of compliance that most people think they have covered that becomes more difficult to pay attention to when a company's seed to sale system goes down.