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What surprises have you encountered as a dispensary operator?

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Tim Smale
Tim Smale  replied:

IRS taxes are killing us, including both regular payments and audits.  We need cannabis to be rescheduled pronto for all uof us to survive.  Don't hre cannabis "experts" as you can't change their habits, and some are secretive about their work in the garden.  We hire people with no experience and train them; looking for great attitudes and sucess in other jobs, and above all, to fit in our culture.  Customers think we're all getting rich, but making less than 2% "profit" after taxes is a wake up call.   It took years to develop good regulatory relations, and legislative relations are difficult if not impossible due to a vocal caregiver lobby.  Good relations with your community are a must and we donate $250,000 a year to causes and members, often annomously.  You will work harder than you ever have, face more risk than you can imagine, make less money than you deserve, and take abuse from the public.  But helping others find relief was once described to me as "Holy Work" and more rewarding than anyting else in life.