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What kind of social media marketing has made Mother's High Tea successful?

Can you explain the objective of Mother's High Tea? Is it an event or a brand? What kind of social media marketing has made it successful? 

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Sara Conrad
Sara Conrad  replied:

What a perfectly timed question! Thank you.

Mother’s High Tea, this year on October 10, 2016, in Denver, Colorado, is a trademarked event belonging to Susan Squibb’s 4&20 Blackbirds event company. Susan is a Colorado hemp and cannabis pioneer, a columnist for The Denver Post’s,The Cannabist, a speaker, and is the Cannabis Maven. Mother’s High Tea was started in 2011 and in 2012 and 2015, Susan enlisted Christie Lunsford, another award-winning cannabis pioneer, entrepreneur, NCIA member and speaker, who acted as co-chair and mistress of events. I was privileged to be asked to lead the social media for 2015’s Mother’s High Tea and consider and market it as an both an event and brand. 

What kind of social media has made mother’s high tea successful?

Last year was the first year social media was used to promote Mother’s High Tea. It was of utmost importance to me as chair, that the sponsors got the online recognition, the usage of the hashtag was consistent, the message was consistent, and that the message was out and seen. #Mothershightea can be found all over the web. I have been using and learning social media since 2009 and attend conferences, read, participate in groups, meetups webinars and learn and watch the best.

Some of the social media skills used to ensure Mother’s High Tea sold out include:

Keyword research – copywriting tricks, persuasive words

Facebook ads – target audience & persona developed, Facebook Ads Manager

Monitoring – insights, Google alerts.

CTA’s - The importance of including a CTA (Call to Action) in every email or message.

Analytics – what kind of post is doing better than another post? Time of day?

Twitter – I heavily utilize Twitter lists and have private ones for press and people who are cannabis friendly. Twitter is my favorite platform.

Preformatting of tweets and social media posts, education of other committee members – yes, you do have to post more than once a week. 

Outreach to influencers *** - Because Susan, Christie and to a much lesser extent, myself, know everyone, it is easy to market Mother's High Tea as “THE” event of the fall. Everyone who’s anyone in the Cannabis Community will attend. It's a great event, kids are welcome, everybody gets to dress up and it's a fun non-consumption event. Tip: if you're having trouble getting attention for your events, reach out to influencers. Offer to give them free admission for posting about your event. 

Have #FOMO (fear of missing out) yet? Click here to buy your ticket and/or here to contact Susan for sponsorship packages. We invite you to follow our Facebook page and buy your tickets early. Speakers and details will be teased out slowly. I hear someone really special is coming in for it.. I wonder who. 

Behold – A Trifecta of Cannabis Power Women – Mother’s High Tea 2015 by Kim Sidwell, Cannabis Camera

Christie Lunsford, Susan Squibb, Sara Conrad

Mother's High Tea 2015 Cannabis Camera Kim Sidwell