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What is the best solvent to use for cannabis extraction?

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AC Braddock
AC Braddock  replied:
What is the best solvent for cannabis extraction?  There isn't one. The solvent, system and protcol are how you create a product right?  So the question is, what is the result you are seeking?  What is your end product?  A capsule?  Lozenge?  Tincture?  Vape?  Dabbable?  Patch? Cream?  Who are you marketing to?  Adult use? Patients? Women? People like your Grandfather?  Another determining factor is simply your companies business model and mission.  Obvioulsy the non-toxic solvents are bonses in marketing to discerning customers.  I believe as an indutry that we should be leading the way in creating safe, healthy, sustainable human consumables.  Look at our food industry...pesticides, hexane extractions, chemical additives, etc.  We are better than the norm and can assist the growing tide of consumers who want to know how and where thier consumables are made as well as how truly socially responsible the company is.  If this is too vague, give me a more specific question.  All the best to you.