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What benefits does MJ Freeway offer over other point of sale providers?

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Seth Dewberry
Seth Dewberry  replied:

Recently we have seen a lot of different systems in a lot of different states and countries. This is the case with both Government systems as well as Operator level systems. The advantage with a system like MJ Freeway’s new Platform is that it provides several levels of services. Full integration to any state tracking system is simply included with the base price of the system. After that, any number of modules, MJ Freeway built and third-party modules, can be added on, such as marketing, custom labeling, custom dashboard reporting, and countless other Business Management features. This gives each operator the opportunity to start out with any number of features and add or remove the features as needs arise or dwindle. This is truly the most versatile system format, allowing for a very basic instance that saves on labor and mistakes with efficient workflows, such as barcode or QR code generation, as well as state system integration. ON the other, business growth tools are immediately available, or available down to road.