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What are your thoughts on the GW Pharma stock, and where they stand with direction they are headed....  Do YOU think it's a good buy now or wait


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Alan Brochstein
Alan Brochstein  replied:

I have been following GWPH since it came public and believe Epidiolex will be approved for treatment-resistant rare forms of epilepsy.  If that is the case the stock will likely appreciate further.  The company's time-line to approval has been pushed out a bit over the past year, with the most recent goal being to file a New Drug Application (NDA) "in the first half of 2017". The earliest the drug would be on the market then is very late 2017.  I run a model portfolio designed to beat an index that has 28 cannabis stocks that meet certain liquidity and price requirements, with each one equally weighted at the beginning of each quarter, when the index is rebalanced.  My exposure in my model portfolio is only slightly above its weighting in the index at this time. I will be looking to increase it as we get closer to the filing of the NDA or if the price dips to a level that makes the risk more in balance with the near-term opportunity.

For you or anyone who is interested in GWPH, it is definitely one of the most discussed stocks on 420 Investor. Thanks for the question!

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