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What are the various factors that may affect yield for a CO2 cannabis extraction machine?

What are the various factors that may affect yield for a CO2 cannabis extraction machine? Can you give any ranges for expected yield for Eden machines? 

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AC Braddock
AC Braddock  replied:

Thanks for your question. It is often one of the top three questions we are asked no matter what the botanical. We just posted a Blog on this subject on our website. www.edenlabs.com This is not a simple answer, but I can give you some highlights.  Number one is not all co2 systems are the same.  In fact they can be quite different and these differences can not only effect yield, but product and extraction time, all of which are essential components of your bottom line.  If it takes 24 hours to get the same yield that another system can get in 6 hours, then you have spent considerable resources to achieve that yield. Another factor is what you are attempting to produce.  Weight for contract bulk oil processing?  Specialized product?  A heavy terpene oil?  THCA?  An Eden system can produce all of these as the system can fractionate the oil.  Most systems can not do this. The basic factors are; 1) How much co2 is going through the system in a given time.  2) How saturated is the material during that time  3) You get out what you put in.  Yield is obviously basically dependant on the quality of the material being extracted plus the system and the skill of the operator.  If you want to get deeper into this discussion as it relates to your business model, let me know.  A range on yield for our latest Hi-Flo series FX2 system is 150 to 180 grms an hr.  Yes, really.  See the website.  Grade C. About a 21% yeild.