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We are looking for a company to build a cannabis oil extraction machine for us. Any companies you recommend?

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Andy Joseph
Andy Joseph  replied:

Thanks Gina for the question!


There are multiple options for extraction equipment manufacturers to choose from, but I would advise the use of caution on 2 fronts when evaluating a company to build a custom system:


Are you building a custom system because you are ready to scale?  If you have been doing extraction for a while and are ready to scale, congratulations!  However, only a relatively small number of cannabis companies are large enough for something like this.  It is always important to have a solid understanding of the parameters that you need to operate your equipment with BEFORE you try to scale.  Large scale equipment is very expensive, difficult to modify and generally lacks flexibility.  Make sure you have plenty of experience with the pilot and mid-range scale commercially available equipment before building a large, custom system so you know EXACTLY what to expect! 
Make sure your equipment provider is actually the manufacturer!  Many extraction equipment companies in the cannabis industry today are just assemblers – they order parts from other companies and just piece them together.   While this approach can work, it increases costs, lead times, and makes quality control much more difficult.

Ready to go?  Check out Apeks Supercritical – we can build just about any extraction system you need in our ASME and UL certified manufacturing facility!


Also, check out this related post for qualities to look for in an equipment manufacturer (hint: lots of experience, legitimate certifications, long warranty, bonified claims, etc) : Claims by Manufacturers