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How much light should I have in grow tent am half way through flowering stage and using four 600watt HP's lights. Was using two but upped light other day.

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Ryan Wankel
Ryan Wankel  replied:

There are many factors that need to be considered when it comes to the correct amount of photons (light) that is required for optimal growth. Usually people just look at the size of area that needs to be covered. More importantly what is the size of the canopy you are covering? Other factors that determine the appropriate amount light are: What strain or strains are you growing? What source of light are you using? (In your case 600 watt HPS. Are these single or double-ended?) Are you able to maintain proper VPD's? Are you supplementing CO2? In general cannabis is a light hungry plant. The most precise way to determine your light levels you will need to use a light meter that reads PAR. Flowering cannabis can require anywhere from 500 micromoles to 1000+. 

Jennifer Martin
Jennifer Martin  replied:

Jennifer Martin here. I'd say you want all 4 lights on from now until harvest time. I hope your canopy footprint is around 20 sq ft. 

James Schwartz
James Schwartz  replied:

As Jennifer said, it really depends on the size of ur tent, 2400amps is extremely high for a small tent. Each 600amp light lights about a 3x3 space, 4 lights seems extreme, but without more info it’s hard to answer. Are your plants tiered, or all on one level, how many plants, how big is the area?