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How do you match a cannabis strain with a person's biochemistry?

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Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh, PhD.
Dr. Emily Earlenbaugh, PhD.  replied:

Finding a cannabis strain that works really well for an individual persons biochemistry can be complicated. What works for one person may not work well for another (even when their desired effects are the same). You can start by trying what has worked best for others with your needs, and carefully track the effects of different strains when you try them. I work with patients and recreational users on this task, supplying them with easy exercises to track and rate the effects of different strains, methods, and types of cannabis. Once some methods and strains are established it is usually quite easy to find other cannabis options with similar profiles. The end result of this honing process is a list of strains, methods and dosing that work well for the individual's desired effects and a list of those to be avoided.

YADIRA SILVA  replied:

Nice to meet you Emily. I hope you and I could be friends, and drink some water together!

i am very curious about how the dispensaries educate their customers about healthy teenagers Marijuana consumption? 

I say this because in any publication I have seen that healthy Teenagers can use marijuana as recreational.