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How do seed to sale software services help a cannabis dispensary with inventory control?

How do seed to sale software services help a cannabis dispensary with inventory control? Can they identify problems such as theft? Is there any "normal" loss in the system that can happen?   

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Seth Dewberry
Seth Dewberry  replied:

This is a great question! I’d like to provide a few clear distinctions regarding concepts and industry terminology related to seed-to-sale Service providers. In the end, the knowledge and real-world experience of the company providing the service greatly determines its ability to help with the seed-to-sale process and inventory control for any operation. When developing software functionality, I believe these crucial components have to be considered:

Business Management
Business Optimization/Intelligence

A true full service seed-to-sale solution addresses the compliance aspects first, but does not stop there. Without proper business management tools, such as costing, data insights, employee tracking, financial system integration, and more, a solution can very quickly cost the client money. Without business optimization features, such as an online presence, social media integrations, system alerts, customer and vendor management features, the client will have a more challenging time growing their business.

Regarding a dispensary’s inventory specifically, a seed-to-sale solution should include everything from labeling products, to developing processes and checks and balances to prevent diversion, to training staff and creating or assisting with Standard Operating Procedures. Providing software and hardware solutions that require minimal interaction at FULL functionality is key.

Going beyond the software, the Service company needs to have a large team made up of professionals with tens of thousands of hours of experience in all facets of the industry. This enables the Service company to develop efficient workflows, perform hands-on training, and even fully consult with a client just starting out in the industry from initial build-out to grand opening, and beyond. No person, or small group of people, have all the knowledge contained within this young industry. Because of this, a Service company that grows and constantly chases the best talent with experience in all aspects of the industry, including software development, operations, consulting, application writing, marketing, and accounting, to name a few, is needed. This results in the unique ability to help find and fix the gaps, for any size operation.

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