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How can a cannabis dispensary financially benefit by deploying a seed-to-sale tracking system?

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Seth Dewberry
Seth Dewberry  replied:

Hi Hieu,

Great question! 

A well designed software that is built for the industry and aggregates relevant data will help increase production, reduce costs without sacrificing desired product attributes, and maximize both retail sales and wholesale sales. Robust marketing tools, such as rewards, text and email marketing, mobiles apps, and an online presence (as allowed by regulation) can maximize customer loyalty and minimize attrition (all services offered by MJ Freeway). Efficiency tools, such as online pre-orders, in store ordering and kiosks, fulfillment center workflows, and smart point of sale features will allow you to maximize the number of patients/customers that you can serve. Specific examples include gaining insight into costs, such as grow equipment and nutrients, so you can compare that to your yield and identify where there may be more opportunity. Inventory tracking helps mitigate inventory mistakes which saves your employees time in calculating inventory discrepancies. It also tracks at a more accurate level so vendor re-ordering is not done too soon or too late, keeping your shelves appropriately stocked. 

Additionally, a company that guarantees to keep up to date with changing regulation and is knowledgeable and skilled enough to service the industry well beyond the operator and state software systems is very beneficial. If you have any further questions, I'd be happy to talk with you so we can set you up for success in all aspects of your business, from regulatory compliance to business management and optimization.

Anonymous  replied:

Is the MJ Freeway software different from state to state? For example, the compliance rules in Ohio or Maryland may be very different than Colorado or California, right?  

Seth Dewberry
Seth Dewberry  replied:
The MJ Freeway Platform is designed to be configurable to all state needs and the appropriate settings are enabled or disabled to meet each state’s compliance requirements. An example might be the Patient Purchase Limit: Across states, this limit changes, as does the time period over which the limit applies. The limit is also calculated differently at times, like a rolling limit vs a static limit. Each of these are configurable within MJ Freeway. This gives a great deal of flexibility to quickly meet regulations in new states, and adjust to changing regulations in currently operating states.