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Do you think big pharma is trying to slow the progress of medicinal marijuana?

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David Feldman
David Feldman  replied:

Greetings anonymous. We hear that the likely impact of medical cannabis on big pharma amounts to roughly 1% of their industry sales (e.g. pretty insignificant), but we also hear that they are spending heavily on lobbying efforts against legalizing medical cannabis. I often liken the issue to rechargeable batteries for average home use. When they first came on the scene, the battery companies fought hard against their proliferation, but eventually realized that it was easier to join than fight, and started making their own rechargeable batteries. Most believe that, following federal legalization, big alcohol, tobacco and pharma will enter the industry, instead of continuing to fight to protect much more dangerous opioid and similarly addictive products. But in the meantime yes, it appears they are seeking to delay, limit or prevent the growth and legalization of medical cannabis.

New user
New user  replied:

How are pharma and company getting in the way of medical cannabis?  Can you give some examples and the results, please?