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do you have pesticide problem in extract or are they seperated finally

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AC Braddock
AC Braddock  replied:
Hello!  Thank you for asking this very important question.  As we all know the Cnanbis industry is under a microscope in many areas where other industry is barely regulated.  For example, I like to use the amounts of pesticides you can find on many of our foods.  Start here in your resseach of pesticides in our every day lives.  Its frightening and exceedingly hypocritcal.  


Now to your question....Extraction is also known as concentration or concnetrates, so if you think of it tha way its an easyleeap of logisc to realized that whatever is in the plant materail going into the system will be CONCENTRATED.  Its important to note that materials tha test fine before extraction/concentration may test above accpetable limits after processing in the concentrate.  Therefore as an industry we are tasked with being the most responsible industry in providing the public and patients pure, non-toxic consumables.  There are a multitude of ways to Produce and Process healthy human consumables.  It is one of the most important ways we as an industry can support the growing food movement for organic and sustainable consumables and vice a versa.

Thank you for asking this question!!