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Do you believe there are some Cannabis Exchange Programs between USA/Canada and Europe, in order for our team members to gain more experience and learn from existing companies in USA? We are located in Ukraine thanks

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Diane Czarkowski
Diane Czarkowski  replied:

I am not aware of any formal exchange programs in existance. Many people who are interested in learning more about the industry will move to a state that has entry level positions available. If you have relevant experience, it doesn't necessarily have to be cannabis industry experience.  I also do not know what the added requirements would be for someone coming from another country.I would highly recommend attending a conference that offers some kind of "crash course" that covers all of the basics about the industry. 

Mark Slaugh
Mark Slaugh  replied:


Colorado is actually beginning a new program out of a Bill passed this year to allow for non-residents of Colorado to be trained and developed in cannabis operations here. While this isn't available now, it will be after this next round of rulemaking. I'll be sitting on the rulemaking committee this Thursday to promulgate and discuss this change to our code and will certainly keep the needs of Ukrainians and others in mind.