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Can I grow Commerically at my personal residence in Oregon

I'm seriously considering to move to Oregon and apply for a growers license. Is it allowed to grow Commercially at my personal residence, if I buy in the right location? I'm only looking to become a small scale high quality grower using about 2000 SF of space. I was thinking to buy a large house with full basement and designate half of the house to growing with possible expansion outside in greenhouses. Is this allowed in Oregon?

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John Davis
John Davis  replied:
Thank you for your question.

The Rules regarding marijuana production have not been finalized in Oregon.  There is nothing in the law that precludes commercial production in a residence.  That said 475B.025 gives the rule making authority broad discression in creating rules to ensure public health and safety.  The Rules could limit areas that can be used for production.

The thing that you will really want to consider is that local authorities can zone however they see fit.  Generally residences are not allowed in local zoning for a commercial cultivation.  There are commercial/agricultural zoning areas that are sometimes allowed within a locallity that do contain residences.

If you are going to consider a move, I would caution you to wait until the final rules are available to ensure that no prohibitions on residences are instituted.  Also, find an area that has specific zoning on cannabis and find an area where you can have the operation that you want and that is supported by local zoning.
Nathan Miller
Nathan Miller  replied:

Thanks John,

Any idea when the rules will be finalized? Where do the dispenseries get the product now if there are no rules for production? Someone must be growing for dispensary clients.

John Davis
John Davis  replied:
You can find the emergency rules and a timeline of the rule-making process at https://www.oregon.gov/olcc/marijuana/Pages/Recreational-Marijuana-Laws-and-Rules.aspx