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Hello, my name is Yadira Silva. I was originally from Ecuador. I arrived to Miami, where I was welcomed by the council. I graduated from Sheridan High School with honors. I have been interested in cannabis since 2002, because I smoke it with my friends and brothers. Also, I am passionate about teaching and business. For 11 years I have my business YS Construction Clean up Services. I believed I am successful. Because I am an entrepreneur, I decided to start a new adventure with the Cannabis Industry.


I promote the idea of “Branding Cannabis Companies” by  using Coconut Seed Pipes, because they are Ecological and contain good energy, the energy of the Earth. When you give your Seed to your friends and customers you are passing out your love passion enlightenment that contains within every seed! Pasa la Onda!

Also, I encourage you to wear the T-shirt  "Recreational Cannabis Over 21", The intention behind is to Educate our future generations. You and I could show that we are Responsible Entities. 

Cerda Imports and I import Red Guano of Penguin, fertilizer for your plants!



Cerda Imports
January 2009 - October 2018

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America Intercontinental University

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Session Assistant”

July 2018 - July 2018

primary responsibility is keeping time for the Moderators and Presenters, as well as relaying written questions from the audience to the Moderator. In addition, you will be expected to arrive to your assigned room at least 10 minutes prior to the next session to ensure the room is tidy, water is refreshed and Q&A cards are available for attendees upon arrival.

How to start cannabis E-commerce?

Hello Mrs.yadira, Let me introduce myself my name is field. I saw your profile that you success in cannabis industry and I interested in your profile, so I would like to ask you for some wisdom, I would be very appreciate if you can help me. I just start my own campaign selling product such as cannabis shirt and organic bong, but I got a little problem I can't run my ads on facebook due to facebook ads policies, and I've been researching for 2 weeks. And I found out that I should promote my product by using facebook page and other social media including instagram,twitter,pinterest. I've running my page for so long but I didn't see any result yet and I feel so lost I don't know where to go. If you can help I would be very appreciate. Thank you
5/21/2019 12:32:28 AM,

pot pipe front.jpgHi, thank you for opening a conversation with me.

I know of a friend who knows a lot of Cannabis website and e-Commerce 

his name is Tom Benway with 420Websitedesign.com

i am pretty sure he can advise you and design you a website.

in the other hand, I promote business “one to one” concept. We import Coconut Seed Pipes from Ecuador. We handcrafted Cannabis Companies Logo types on the Seeds. Lastly those companies give away or sell their pipes that have their logo image to their prospects and prefer clients.


Ecologically way of Advertising! and Appreciation to Mother Earth and your Branding. Hope to hear from you soon 🙂