Bob Gunn

Founder at Seinergy LLC

Seinergy LLC

Energy rebate expert. Grow lamp financier.

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Bob is financial and energy-efficiency analyst with 10 years’ experience in the electric utility industry.  Bob is an energy rebate expert.  Bob’s key skill translating grower lighting into electric utility-speak, thus yielding greatest energy rebates possible.  Since 2014 Bob focused exclusively with cannabis growers upgrading lights premium efficiency lighting equipment, and has personally originated $3.6 million in energy rebates for growers. With Bob’s engagement, growers benefit lowest overall or upfront cost of premium lighting equipment.

Bob’s company, Seinergy LLC, is the leading service provider focused solely on helping cannabis growers buy premium efficiency lights. Industry knowledge, utility relationships, financial analysis, project management and project finance are the keys to success for Seinergy.

Seinergy also finances grow lights for qualified growers, using energy rebates to fully subsidize all financing and consulting costs.

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in economics, an MBA in sustainable business, current Certified Energy Manager credentials, 10 years’ experience as a financial analyst in the energy sector and the creative mindset of a private financier, Bob’s skills and focus are uniquely suited to serve the unique startup and expanding needs of growers nationwide.                           

Bob’s professional background includes time as a financial analyst for a large shipbuilder, a carpenter, French teacher, and utility analyst. His utility experience includes extensive collaboration with public and private utilities and stakeholders, evaluating and shaping regional and national energy efficiency programs still relevant today.  Entities engaged include: the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, the Bonneville Power Administration, the Large Public Power Association and numerous independent electric utilities. 


Bob holds an MBA from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (now Presidio), a BA from Colorado College, and is a Certified Energy Manager through the association of Energy engineers.


Founder & CEO

Seinergy LLC
December 2012 - present

Master of all startup operations including: capital raise, project analysis, business development, hiring and daily management. 

Sr. Utility Analyst

Snohomish PUD
September 2008 - December 2012

Financial Analyst

Todd Shipyards (Vigor Shipyards)
January 2005 - December 2007


Bainbridge Graduate Institute / Presidio Graduate Institute

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
2006 - 2008

Colorado College

Bachelor's Degree
1998 - 2002

Major: Economics, small business finance focus

Sr. Thesis: Comparative Analysis of the Colorado Microbrew Industry

Minors: French; Music

Semister Abroad: Aix-En-Provence, France



English French


Certified Energy Manager

Association of Energy Engineers
January 2010 - December 2018


Board Member, Treasurer

Hearts and Hammers (Social Services)
January - January

Pro-Bono Small Business Consultant

Whidbey Island Local Lending (Economic Empowerment)
January - January

4/23/2018 2:45:41 PM,
Bob Gunn replied:

There are so many electric utility incentives for efficient grow lamps. They will likely not be advertised. Incentives can range from 15-70% of the cost of the new light. The qualifying criteria depend entirely on who your utility is and what technology you are proposing. It will vary widely across the 3,000 US and 125 Canadian utilities.

Preapproval will almost always be required, which takes 6-8 weeks to secure.

Residential utility accounts will likely not qualify.

See interactive map for a general idea. Call for site specific free estimates: