OG Cannabis Insurance

5015 W. Ave. L14 Suite 4
Quartz Hill, CA 93536

We offer the FASTEST QUOTES in the industry and access to MULTIPLE CANNABIS APPROVED INSURANCE COMPANIES. We are NOT a lead generator- Our clients are assigned a dedicated and experienced cannabis insurance agent/broker. Get to know us! With over 18 years of insurance industry experience, our agency has the knowledge and carrier relationships to place coverage for the complicated business of Cannabis Operations. Medical and Recreational Cannabis Business Insurance. Cannabis Dispensary, Cultivator or Manufacturer - We specialize in placing the right cannabis and CBD insurance policy with fast easy to understand quotes. We only offer cannabis approved insurance for your cannabis business - NO ADDED FEES or EXTRA WAIT TIME for product branding or risk management services.



Our Cannabis Cultivation Insurance Package was specifically designed for cannabis cultivators and growers. With our Cannabis Crop Insurance we can place an insurable value at each stage of the cannabis growth cycle: Seed/ Vegetative Plants/ Flowering Plants/ Finished and Harvested Product. If you suffer a loss to your crops- the Cannabis Crop Insurance policy will pay the insured value at each of the crop's insured cycle. Our package can also include General Liability, Building, and Lights & Grow Equipment. Marijuana Crop Insurance is an EXCLUSIVE coverage to our cannabis insurance policy. Contact us today with any questions and get a free quote for your insurance.


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