Hybrid Tech

Portland, OR

Hybrid Tech, LLC is the premier west coast cannabis engineering group bringing 20 years of patent pending industry technology to our customers since the passing of CA Prop 215. Our scope ranges from full industrial facility engineering to basic wiring, plumbing and HVAC services. Our industry specific code compliance removes obstacles and objections from the local jurisdictions and provides a seamless design-permit-build process. We are proud of our IBEW and UA roots, our agreements with organized labor ensure a quality installation delivered on time regardless of project size. Hybrid Tech offers engineering and design services for any build, we are also happy to work with the engineer and designer of your choice. Many clients find out too late that an element of their build requires prints for plan review, let us take care of your electrical and mechanical prints. With our experience we can quickly turn around a set of prints, expedite them though plan review and get boots on the ground in record time.


Building a cannabis facility is a complex endeavor which requires simultaneous coordination of multiple industry informed disciplines and processes. Without experience in cannabis system design, it's a challenge for any entrepreneur to successfully create a new cannabis operation. Cannabis facilities must be efficiently designed and built with the right equipment to survive increasing competition and decreasing prices. Without proper facility planning from the start, projects quickly run out of funding with costly necessary repairs and renovations that could have been avoided by having proper initial design and engineering. Moreover, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements virtually ensure an ongoing challenge for business owners. These regulatory hurdles can destroy a project before it can even get off the ground. As a result, most cannabis cultivation and processing projects fail. Hybrid Tech brings together the diverse professional skill sets required to complete a full cannabis facility project. We provide a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs that invariably encounter regulatory requirements as they enter the market. This method provides for a collaborative project management experience between disciplines and leverages our years of Cannabis System Design experience.

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